Too Many Animals

School | Sunday October 12 2014 1:28 am | Comments Off

My cat is a tiger of an animal. She’s cute and loveable at times, purring as loud as can be. At other times she’s attacking everything. Combine her with the other animals I have, it’s like a circus in my house. There’s birds flying all over the place. There’s dogs barking and dumping over chairs and garbage cans. There’s more than one cat getting into mischief. So I decided to open up circus workshops where people can come and train my animals just like if they were circus animals. It has worked so far. The tiger of a cat acts like a real tiger right on cue. That was the easy part. The hard part is getting her to stop on demand. The dogs are being trained to jump through hoops instead of over chairs. The birds are learning to fetch things while flying through the air. They even fetched a toupee off someone’s head. So all in all it has become a great experience.

Training On A Budget

Weight Loss | Wednesday August 27 2014 9:34 am | Comments Off

This year, my New Year’s resolution was to get into shape. Unfortunately, the pie in the sky luxury of owning my own personal trainer Leeds was cost prohibitive, and the very notion of going to a public gym makes my skin crawl. On January 1st, I set to work with nothing more than a gym mat, two ten pound dumbbells, and a pocket full of dreams. Although I was scarcely expecting to see any measurable results at all, I was pleased to find the contrary. Within two short weeks, I had practically slashed my body fat ratio in half. And with the money I saved from not wasting gas going to and from a crowded gym, I was easily able to afford the healthier foods that are the cornerstone of any salubrious lifestyle. It just goes to show how a little hard work and perseverance can go a long way.

Right Of Passage

Advertising | Tuesday August 19 2014 2:51 am | Comments Off

A few days ago, I underwent a right of passage. The experience was neither scary nor dangerous, as you might have imagined it to be. It was, however, extremely crazy. I have never done anything like it before in my life.

First, Dave and I had to blow up about fifty balloons in under half an hour. Then we each had to give some balloons to a random girl and ask her out. I went into a printing Manchester shop and asked the girl at the front desk if she’d go bowling with me. I felt so lame. Dave asked out a girl who was selling handbags in the mall.

After that, we had to sing the national anthem at the top of our lungs in the middle of the parking lot. It was pretty crazy. A lot of people tried to ignore us, but some stopped and watched us, which was embarrassing.

Promoting your Company

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Starting a small business can be a task that is difficult for many, especially if you are just starting out with the process. I found myself in this very boat when I decided to open up shop and begin doing something that I loved day in and day out. However, although I had high hopes that I would get a swarm of customers on the first day, I had not one customer the day I opened. I began to think of ways that I could promote my company, and a friend suggested that I consider using business cards as the avenue with which to advertise. I had lots of customers in no time and my business began to take off as I continued to expand my advertising techniques and got a hang of how to run my shop the most efficiently. Consider this advertising method for your small business today.

The last day at the beach

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Growing up, we always lived near the beach. In summertime my sister and I would spend long hours building sandcastles, and inventing elaborate fairy tales to go with them.

Then, when I was thirteen, my father got a new job and we had to move away. Far from the oceanside I loved so much.

On our last weekend the whole family went to our usual beach, and as a sullen adolescent I was determined not to enjoy it. I sulked all the way there, but couldn’t ignore what we found once we arrived. There was a contest happening, and there were dozens of silica sand sculptures dotting the beach. Lions, mermaids, unicorns, and a dragon easily ten feet long.

Even my teenage cynicism couldn’t withstand the beauty of the scene. It was the best day I ever spent at the beach, and I’m smiling in every photograph from that day.

Making Ice Cream the Old-Fashioned Way

Food | Wednesday February 19 2014 6:24 am | Comments Off

One of my fondest childhood memories centers around making ice cream on hot summer nights. This was back when you had to churn the ice cream by hand, not just plug in an electric maker like you do now.

Mom would pour cream, made fresh by our cows, into a canister, adding sugar and flavorings, such as fresh fruit. Then she’d put the canister in a larger churn, surrounding the canister with rock salt, which would cause the ingredients to freeze. We all took turns cranking the handle, which got harder to turn as the ice cream thickened.

When the ice cream was done, we’d get out the bowls and Mom would spoon it in. Though our family was small, we usually managed to eat all the ice cream in one sitting. Yum! Ice cream just doesn’t taste the same today.

He Won’t Give Me A Referral

Weight Loss | Saturday February 15 2014 7:18 am | Comments Off

I didn’t mean to hurt him. Really I didn’t, and I am truly sorry he’s in the hospital now. But you’d think an experienced personal trainer Cardiff like Bob would have better reflexes. After all, dogs bark all the time. Here’s my side of what happened, which I know is not the same as Bob put on the police report. That’s because I’m not trying to make myself look good–I just want the truth known. Bob comes once a week to coach me with my cardio exercises. The dog is used to him, so I don’t know why she barked this time, but she did. I only fired one shot through the door. I don’t have a good aim, so it wasn’t my fault I actually wounded him. He should have stepped aside anyway, like polite people do. As I do have good manners, I sent him a get well card.

Mircle in the Midwest

Weight Loss | Monday February 10 2014 5:57 am | Comments Off

In a small, farming town in South Dakota, where there are more dirt roads then paved, you will find a young woman determined to change the old, set in ways of this rural community. Sarah Miller grew up in this cozy community. As she graduated and moved away, Sarah is now a well known personal trainer Sheffield to A list celebrities and socialites in California. It was about a year ago Sarah got wind of a health epidemic spreading through the Midwest, causing a spike in heart disease, stroke, and obscenity. Automatically Sarah wanted to help, so she hopped a plane back home, and started a nonprofit specializing in health and wellness. Sarah is doing her part in bringing awareness to this issue, and using her skill in health and exercise to decrease this scare and bring joy back to the town that inspired her to become what she is today.